is the classic Ayurvedic oil massage that uses the skillful application of medicinal oils with specific nurturing strokes. It activates the energetic centers (Marma points), nourishes the skin, breaks up impurities, and stimulates arterial and lymphatic circulation. One Practitioner 75 min $125

Perform two practitioners 60 min $140


is an herbal medicinal steam therapy that can be administered locally to specific body parts or for the entire physiology. (Except for the head, which is always kept cool). It allows oils to penetrate deeply into the tissues and also removes toxins.

Add on $35



is the pouring of medicinal liquids (oil, buttermilk, ghee) across the forehead. It specifically nurtures the region of the third eye, connected to the master gland of the body, the pituitary and it also creates a profound sense of peace and calm.

1hrs session $125 incl. take-home oil

Marma Therapy

Marmas are the subtle junction points through which life force or Prana enters our body.   Each Marma relates to a particular function and together create a network of subtle energetic communications between the organs and tissues.  During a Marma treatment we direct the subtle energies in the body with the help of touch, aroma, herbs and sometimes sound.

Range $55-125



is a brisk massage that uses herbal powders and pastes to stimulate the release of toxins and supports the removal of excess fatty tissue. Includes a hot oil massage and herbal steam treatment. It is cleansing, nourishing and leaving your skin feeling like new.

1.5 hrs $175

Pinda Swedhna

is a cooling therapy using herbal rice bolus bags warmed in a specialized milk decoction and vigorously massaged into the skin to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the body.

Best combined with a Pitta reducing massage.

1hrs. $125



is the classic sinus and nasal treatment designed to open up the channels of the upper body to allow more Pranic energy to enter. It includes an enlivening Indian head massage, localized steam, and the use of an assortment of nasal concoctions.

Best combined with an eye and ear treatment.

Add on 30 min. $5

Netra Tarpana

involves the use of a variety of methods and techniques such as the bathing of the eyes in ghee, eye drops, and purification through herbal smoke to alleviate eye conditions.

Add on $55


Karna Purana

uses a specific ear massage and the application of herbal decoctions to relieve earaches and other ear related problems.

Best combined with ear candling or oil massage.

Add on $35

There are many more treatments available and most session are custom designed to your personal needs. Please check out the full menu with pricing and view the 2-hour packages that we offer by clicking the link below.


Click on the video below to see Corinna in her Santa Barbara office, giving an Ayurvedic treatment to a client.