Maharani Ayurveda

Implementing Ayurveda into our lives allows us to experience more balance, harmony, and greater wellbeing--but it also brings us a deeper sense of connection with the natural environment and its seasons and cycles. Maharani Ayurveda does so by promoting individualized self-care, diet and lifestyle changes, and by offering a variety of profound healing therapies, like the ancient and time-tested Pancha Karma Cleanse.

Maharani Ayurveda provides authentic Ayurvedic treatments and Pancha Karma to help detoxify and rejuvenate the mind/body system. Clients are guided through this transformational cleanse in a safe and beautiful environment where they also experience the luxurious healing powers of signature style treatments that make Maharani Ayurveda the most popular, longest established Ayurvedic Clinic in the county.

Maharani Ayurveda and its Academy is dedicated to offer innovative online and hands-on classes, for both lay persons and health professionals. The crown of our teachings is the 3 month immersive, comprehensive Pancha Karma trainings, which is unlike any other.


The SVAyurveda Lineage

Corinna's depth of knowledge stems from her years of study under the guidance of her teacher, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, a brilliant primary Ayurvedic physician, researcher, educator, and formulator. Vaidya R.K. Mishra came from a long lineage of Ayurvedic experts that can be traced back 126 generations who served as Raj Vaidyas, personal doctors, to the royalty of India. SVA stands for Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda and originated on of the islands of Sri Lanka, called Shaka.


Corinna Maharani

Corinna Maharani is an Ayurvedic practitioner with twenty-eight years of experience in practicing and teaching Ayurveda and Pancha Karma treatments. She graduated from one of the first Ayurvedic programs held at the Maharishi International University in Iowa, in 1989. There she also met her lifelong teacher, Vaidya R.K. Mishra. Corinna founded Maharani Ayurveda in 1994 and has operated her own Pancha Karma clinic in Santa Barbara since 2000. For fifteen years she was the director of the Pancha Karma educational program at the Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga School in Wisconsin and has shared her love and passion for Ayurveda with hundreds of her students over the years. She recently founded the Maharani Academy, a live and virtual school designed to offer in-depth certified training to those who feel called to spread the light of Ayurveda into the world.

May the ambrosial gift of Ayurveda bring you peace, beauty and an expanded, heartfelt link to your inner being and our precious planet.

Watch this short video showing Corinna in her home, practicing her Ayurvedic Vata-Kapha day routine.

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